Why Us?

Our Experience


 The companies part of the consortium have long lasting experience exporting their products to the United States, Canada and Europe.   While developing their business strategies, they participate in international trade shows such as International Flower Trade Fair (IFTF) held in Holand, and Proflora held in Bogotá, Colombia.   



  • Consolidate a larger export offer to assure volume and meet our clients' needs.
  • Work together for assuring high quality standards,  of the tropical flowers of Colombia.
  • Innovate in the development of new and unique products that add value to our flowers and foliage products.
  • Cooperate on business development strategies and activities to benefit from scale and scope economies. 

What can we offer you?



  • A wide variety of flowers and foliage goods produce at different altitude and climate terrains.
  • A consolidated export offer available from a unique interlocutor, our Consortium.
  • Long lasting export experience.
  • Willingness to offer high quality products according to our customer’s needs.

Why to choose us?



  • You don’t have to be worried about seasonal production, since we count on year round sunlight.
  • We offer our commitment and passion, as all growers of the second largest exporter of fresh cut flowers in the world.
  • We are fully committed to observe and implement good environmental practices to foster sustainability.

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